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Learning a bit of Für Elise

I recently tooted that I was learning Für Elise on the piano. I've also been doing recordings and sharing them with my Mum, how cute!

I thought it was kind of interesting to hear the difference in progress, this is probably only interesting to me. But here it is.

I was also curious about how I could incorporate audio on my blog.

First recording

Recording number one
  • I'm clearly still learning the notes and finger work here
  • I think I'd just been able to make it all the way through

Second recording

Recording number two
  • I'm getting more confident, but still missing a few notes
  • I'm still struggling with the second phrase, so much stretching fingers!
  • I added a little bit on the end playing with the bass notes

Third recording

Recording number three
  • This is where I'm at at time of writing
  • I've started using the sustain pedal for the base bits
  • Its all flowing a lot better
  • I've also learnt I can plug my phone into my Piano's USB-C and get a perfect recording
  • I can't believe I messed up that last note 😔

Well that's that, hope you found it interesting! 🤷