r0b's random ramblings

This is a place for me to jot down thing's I've experimented with and document them for my future self ... or other people too I guess.

Get to da Terminal

One bored day I decided to make it as easy as possible to open a Terminal on my Mac. Here’s what I did.

Getting started with kube-prometheus-stack

I recently added monitoring and alerting to my Kubernetes stack to discover and respond to failures faster. It took me way too long so here's what I did and learned along the way.

Creating custom JavaScript errors

Custom errors are a powerful tool in JavaScript. Here's how to create them with modern ES classes and static methods.

Compile Sass with eleventy

How to add Sass/Scss to an Eleventy project and integrate it with the development server for automatic reloading.

Running Node.Js as a systemd service

I had a Node.js app that I wanted to run when my Raspberry Pi Zero started up in a minimal manor. Here's how I created a systemd service to do it.

My first generator function

I finally did it, I found a use for JavaScript's generator functions, wrote one and now its deployed!

Spoofing a Raspberry Pi's mac address

Sometimes you just want to fake a raspberry pi's mac address to appear as something else on the network. This is how to do that.

A minimal kiosk mode for a Raspberry Pi

When you need a Raspberry Pi to just display a webpage, you don't really need an entire operating system and window manager. This was my solution.

Using jsx WITHOUT React

I wanted to do some lightweight javascript recently and didn't want to use a massive framework. Creating all my DOM elements manually was laborious and ugly so I setup jsx to do it for me.